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Lobo Management Services is recognized as a pioneer agency in Executive Search and Recruitment services in the Middle East. Since its establishment in 1993, Lobo Management has successfully delivered on thousands of senior executive and middle management placements for multinationals, regional and local conglomerates, SMEs and up and coming startups, headhunting talent regionally as well as internationally.

Our focal service offering - executive search and recruitment, focuses on helping clients achieve this competitive edge through the identification, attraction, assessment and recruitment of talent keeping in mind a sound understanding of the business environment and corporate culture. 

Our Recruitment Services

  1. Executive Search for Leadership Hiring
  2. Contigency Recruitment
  3. Project based Recruitment
  4. Interim Management
  5. Contract Staffing
  6. Emiratization, Saudization, Omanization
Research - Our Lever Of Choice

Not many of the candidates we approach are actively considering a career move, so research is the best way to identify this hidden talent pool. Our research tools include: mapping of target companies within targeted sectors, database searches, referrals  and industry listings through associations and professional organizations. Our challenge is to narrow the field to the top three or four finalists, from which our client will select the best suited individual for the assignment.

Every Search - A Finely Tuned Effort

We set demanding standards for every search mandate, in the interests of both clients and candidates. We evaluate candidates not only in terms of meeting the role expectations, but also in the context of culture, the management style and the business environment. We devote as much attention to candidates’ personality and personal attributes, as we do to their knowledge, skills and experience. We also attach equal importance to their ability to engage in independent, creative thought and to be intuitive, in addition to their capacity to understand facts and exercise their reasoning powers.

Quality - The Center of Everything We Do

We place quality at the center of everything we do and solicit candid feedback at every opportunity in order to continually improve our service to clients. We ensure our candidates have a great experience through the recruitment process which ultimately helps strengthen our clients' employer brand.


Adding Value

We are constantly encouraging each other to keep doing better. This has ensured a high level of customer satisfaction over the years and forms the basis for the lasting relationships we hope to achieve with most of our clients. Our goal is to deliver value and to be called back to work on your most important projects as a trusted extension of your organization.

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