Contract Staffing

Lobo Management has supported its clients with recruitment of staff on contract, where the staff is employed indirectly with the client and legally employed with a third outsourcing firm. Our clients see several benefits of this solution including

  • Leveraging Lobo’s core expertise in recruitment to identify, attract and select top talent on a contract basis
  • A fast turnaround time on recruitment and replacements
  • The agile flexibility of outsourcing staff for secondary functions of the business
  • The freedom to focus on core functions of the business and keep the organization lean in a dynamic market.
  • The reduction of internal resources required to support recruitment and HR administration for contract employees

Lobo Management works in partnership with trusted and properly licensed outsourcing firms on whose visas your staff will be deployed on. There is a strong commitment for our partners to ensure that employees are employed and remunerated in accordance with the UAE’s labor laws. Lobo Management works closely with our clients to ensure a hassle-free process to ensure service of the highest quality

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