How to Rise A Champion During Tough Times - An Interview With Sam Fouladgar


With current news of job layoffs and restructuring, there is an urgent need for working professionals, young and old, to take matters into their own hands and rise to meed the demands of the modern day job economy. Today, we're going to talk to Sam Fouladgar, a business trainer and coach about his new program, and hear from him how successful people have overcome adversity in the past.

Q - Tell us a little about yourself, and what sparked your fascination in the field of coaching?

Sam - My fascination with coaching started back in 2005 when my life went upside down. I was in a place in my life where I was lost, unsatisfied, broke, and depressed. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I felt like a complete failure.

In that low place, my mind started asking questions, that keep me curious till today. Questions such as: What's the diffirence between successful people and non successful people? Happy people and unhappy people?; What do these people do differently?; How do successful and happy people think, feel, believe? What are their values?

After I started asking these questions, I went on a jounrey to study the best of the best. The champions of their fields that make it against all odds. Champions in business, high performance athletes, entreprenuers, millionairs, billionaires, and Highly profitable companies. 

I started to see that there was a method to their madness. These people think differently. They behave differently. Therefore, they get different results compared to most. 


Q - What sort of work have you done in the MENA region, and what does it entail?

Sam - My work is divided into three main services:

Corporate training: this is where I perform edutainment training to companies and organizations on how to think and behave to achieve success in life and business.

One-on-one Coaching: Companies and individuals hire me to coach them on how to take control of their lives. It could be to get better results in life and business or to overcome difficult times that they are facing and come out stronger on the other side.

Corporate Culture Strategy: I provide consultations to medium to large size companies consultations of building a resilient and high-performance culture at work. This entails coaching the top leaders and executives on building, managing, and inspiring teams that cultivate a positive environment where employees can thrive.   

Q - What kind of problems and notions are the majority of the people encountering during these times?

Sam - It would  seem that every person is dealing with a different and unique situation on the outside. Some are dealing with financial problems as to how they will pay their bills. Others are worried about the uncertainty of the times we are going through. What were really dealing with is whats going on inside of us. Huge changes and uncertainty like this ca provoke a lot of internal states. Emotions such as: worry, stress, anxiety, fear, panic. 

While the majority call me to solve a problem they are facing in the external world, the conversation majority of the time will be about how to get the employee, manager, CEO, businessman or woman, or entreprenuer to manage their emotions to handle the situation at hand and take charge. Even if the issue is financial instability. They fail to realize that their bank account is linked to their emotional account. If you are controlled by fear and panic, odds are you will not take action, or you will not make complete sound decisions if you were feeling hopeful, determined, and loving.


Q - We understand that you’ve created a program that helps people endure trying times like these. Can you tell us a little about who the program is aimed for and what will it provide?

Sam - I originally developed a program to help companes and their employees deal with the 2016 crisis. So when we started going into these difficult times, I wanted to help in any way I can. So I designed a free 4-day coaching series specifically for the 2020 challenges we are facing. This program is made for someone that is struggling through these tough times, and they feel like they lost control of their lives. 

This program will give you the tools to -

Take Control of Your Life

See opportunities to win rather than lose.

Feel strong and confident to take on the world and take the necessary actions to win 

Become super productive and double your output to create results that matter 

Surround Yourself with other champions such as yourself that will push you to win and avoid the negative forces that are out there to bring you down

Find ways to make money and create financial stability for yourself and your loved ones, even if there is an economic collapse.


Q - Would you like to share any framework, experience or theories the methodology of your program is based on?

Sam - The program spans 5 different sections that will give you the tools to overcome your fears and rise to the challenges of the new professional environment. 

1 - Master The Champion's Mental Strength and Toughness Discover how champions think to see opportunities to win rather than lose.

2 - Learn to feel Strong and Confident in times of uncertainty Learn how to stay driven and hungry in times of uncertainty, so you can take action even if things are falling apart around you.

3 - Master the Psychology of Making Money You'll learn the secrets expert investors use to make money in difficult economic times so you can spot opportunities to thrive financially.

4 - Perform At Your Best You'll Learn those habits that high performers use to eliminate distraction, focus on what's important, and become super productive in any circumstance.

5 - Overcome Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and Panic You'll learn the techniques that Sam has developed from helping thousand's of people deal with negative emotions in difficult times.

This will help you learn how to coach yourself through times of difficulty and uncertainty.

You'll also get the following bonuses:

BONUS #1: How to Build Physical Strength

 This training is the secret for you to build a strong body that is prepared to face tough times and feel confident to overcome any crisis.

BONUS #2: The Champion's Workbook 

This Workbook makes it quick to dig deeper to understand what is preventing you from getting results which helps you clarify where exactly you need to change to take control of your life. 

BONUS #3: Rise As a Champion Private Community 

This Private Facebook Support Group makes it simple for you to receive support from other champions that have powered through difficult times. They can guide you through the process and make you feel understood and supported. 

Where can people find your program, should they wish to sign up for it?


Author's Note - Lobo Management Services has no commercial incentive linked to Sam's Program, and isn't profiting from it all the same. The goal of this article is to provide resources that could help individuals empower themselves and persevere during tough times such as these. If you've found this article or the learnings contained within useful, please communicate this to Sam if and when you have signed up for his program.


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